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Seasons change & Hair (Top5Tips by GA)

Summer leaves us all with beautiful highlights - all natural! Let's keep it this way!

Summer is great and we all love how it leaves us with natural sun-made highlights to remind us of the sunny days, but Autumn is here and we want to keep the look, what to do? We in GA put together few steps to follow during the year to help you with the transition between seasons. How to care for your hair and bring it back to normal after sunny and salty days, that also leaves us with a bit dry hair, split ends, and no shape at all. The following five steps are our recommendation to care for your hair in a way that you can keep the natural look, but make it healthy as well:


1. The Haircut.

First and most important is the good haircut after the hot summer. Putting your hair back in shape is a necessity, especially if you spent last couple of months on the beach in a messy Boho hairstyle. The split and dry ends, the dryness - go and make a way for a new bouncy hair-shape! And don't worry about losing your natural highlights - the right hairdresser will work around these givens and make them stand out even more .


2. The Treatment.

Regular treatments are inevitable part of 'round the year care' and especially when the season is changing. Our hair reacts differently to different climate and this is why we have to regularly change the care of it. In the Summertime when is warm and humid, the moisture of the scalp also increases, which creates breeding ground for bacteria, that's why we use smoothing treatments that close the hair cuticle and protect from the negative effects from the sun (yes, unfortunately there are some!) But when the cold and dry weather approaches - dry air leads to dry hair. It's time for regular extra moisturising treatments! The lack of moisture can also weaken your hair because it makes your strands brittle and apt to snap which requires strengthening ingredients such as proteins.

And the more natural the better - in GA we do encourage our clients to use the natural herbal treatments which are free of any chemicals, so they don’t damage one thing to fix another. For moisture purposes we recommend Neutro, Amla or Fenugreek but if you visit us our team will mix a bespoke treatment around your individual needs.

However if by any reason you're not a GA client yet we also recommend OLAPLEX treatment or PH Bonder by REDKEN, as they will create a film around your hair to protect it from future damage whilst the hair is getting back to normal. Bare on mind that a single treatment can show a result but for real improvement you have to follow a schedule advised by your hair stylist.


3. The Home-care.

The hair-care doesn’t end with the visit in the hair-salon and just as you swap wardrobes as new season arrives you should evolve your home hair-care. It's simple as that - you won't wear sandals in the snowstorm, because they won't give you the protection you need. Same way using a light conditioner when the air is dry and cold won't give your hair the care it requires.

Consult with your hairstylist what products are best for your hair and season and preferably do that every other visit as as the hair likes change every once in a while. There are new and improved products coming up the market as you read this and hair-salons are usually the first to try them out. We of course recommend the reduced on chemicals, sulphates, parabens, silicon and chemicals shampoos and conditioners as they are not only natural as possible but as well are preserving the scalp from irritations which can cause problems in future.


4. The Styling.

Give the flat iron a rest – we know that you want your hair smooth and straight / wavy and less frizzy, but everyone needs a break sometime – including your hair and your iron. Embrace your natural hairstyle for a while - curly, wavy or straight - it's all beautiful when it's healthy!

“But how will I style my hair?” – you’re probably thinking – no stress – getting a good haircut as we mentioned already is the first and biggest step to easy maintenance – once your hair is in the right shape you just need to get an advise from your stylist how to comb your hair while drying it and what products to use to prevent frizz and your routine becomes less heated and much easier.


5. Consistency.

All of the above are repairing steps and will help the recovery of your hair but our advise is to take good and regular care of your hair all around the year so bad hair days don't become a part of your busy routine. Choose a stylist that is not only skilled but also has knowledge to lead you through the best hair-care and prepare you for season transition, whilst keeping you in trend. Pay a visit to your hair-place even just for a cup of coffee and a hair-talk to make sure everything is on the right track. And what's better than a genuine Italian coffee? - A genuine Italian Hair-Stylist! :)


By GA Team

followus to stay in tune with trends and natural hair-care!

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