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Explore the Professional Courses and Training at Gennaro Dell'Aquila Salon


The Gennaro Dell'Aquila salons represent a leading power of innovation and excellence in the natural and organic hair and beauty industry. The guiding principle, based on serving to groom looks with naturally pure ingredients, serves also to inform about the sustainable practices of hair and beauty. Gennaro Dell'Aquila's training and further development commitment, in this perpetually developing industry, opens up to hair beauty professionals a unique possibility for developing skills in an ecologically respectful way.

The salon offers a full line of specialized courses and training that are prepared to meet not only the challenges in today's modern, natural, and organic-guided hair and beauty business but also guarantee the highest levels of professionalism. The program is not just designed to provide the participants with learning techniques but to empower the participants through innovation tools and achieve excellence in their careers.

Courses Offered

Hair Colouring Courses

At Gennaro Dell'Aquila, the hair colouring courses focus on unique methods using natural and organic dyes, free from harmful chemicals. These courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, cover everything from basic application techniques to complex colour mixing and correction strategies. Typically lasting a few days to several weeks, these courses are structured to provide hands-on experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Cutting and Styling Courses

The cutting and styling courses at Gennaro Dell'Aquila are tailored to refine the skills of both novice and experienced stylists. These sessions delve into modern cutting techniques, teaching participants how to style hair according to its natural texture and the client's aesthetics. Beyond cutting, these courses also emphasize styling versatility using eco-friendly products.

Training Benefits

Undergoing professional training at Gennaro Dell'Aquila equips hair experts with the knowledge to not only improve their craft but also to implement sustainable practices in their work. These courses offer insights into the latest trends in the natural beauty industry and open up new career opportunities, from working in top salons to starting one's own business focused on organic hair and beauty services.

Course Instructors

The instructors at Gennaro Dell'Aquila are experts in the field of natural and organic beauty, each with a passion for eco-friendly practices. With years of experience both behind the chair and in educational settings, these professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to their classes, inspiring the next generation of beauty experts.

Certification and Outcomes

Upon completion of their chosen courses, participants receive a certificate that recognizes their expertise in natural and organic beauty techniques. This certification not only enhances their resume but also significantly boosts their employability and potential to attract a clientele looking for eco-conscious beauty solutions. Graduates can pursue various career paths including specialist roles in organic product development or as educators in the hair industry.


The courses and training at Gennaro Dell'Aquila are more than just educational programs; they are a gateway to a fulfilling career in the natural and organic beauty industry. 


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