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Skin Care

Why Choose Forlle'd Skincare? Forlle’d offers a revolutionary approach to skincare, combining cutting-edge science with luxurious treatments. Our products feature molecular hyaluronic acid, ensuring deep dermal penetration for unprecedented results. Ideal for those seeking more than what over-the-counter products can offer, Forlle’d is your gateway to professional, high-performance skincare.

Discover Forlle'd at GA Salons - Where Science Meets Skincare Excellence

Skincare Consultation: Your Journey to
Radiant Skin

At GA Salons, your skincare journey begins with a comprehensive consultation. Our specialists delve into your skin health, lifestyle, and goals to craft a bespoke skincare routine, tailored just for you. This includes professional product recommendations, ensuring you're on the right track to achieving your skin aspirations.

Our Signature Forlle'd Facials

Forlle'd Essential Deep Cleanse & Hydration Facial (75 min)

Revitalize Your Skin: Experience the ultimate skin transformation with our Forlle'd Essential Deep Cleanse & Hydration Facial. This 75-minute session focuses on deep skin hydration and regeneration, making it perfect for anyone seeking a rejuvenated complexion.

Key Benefits:
Deep Hydration: Instantly quenches thirsty skin, ensuring long-lasting moisture.

Radiant Glow: Unveils a luminous, vibrant appearance and reduces fine lines.

Restorative Balance: Replenishes the skin’s natural moisture, ideal for counteracting dryness, dullness, and stress.

Ideal For:

This treatment is a universal solution for all skin types, especially beneficial for dehydrated and lackluster skin, restoring its youthful glow.


Smooth Skin
Beautiful Skin

Forlle'd Platinum Instant Glow Facial (90 min)

Fight Photoaging with Elegance: The Forlle'd Platinum Instant Glow Facial, lasting 90 minutes, is your ally against the signs of aging caused by sun exposure. This luxurious treatment is infused with powerful antioxidants to protect and detoxify your skin.

Key Benefits:
Antioxidant-Rich: It shields skin from environmental stressors and aids in detoxification.

Brightening Effect: Targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone for a flawless finish.

Instant Glow: Delivers an immediate radiance boost, enhancing your skin's natural luminosity.

Ideal For:

Tailored for skin suffering from photoaging, pigmentation, dullness, and oiliness, this facial is a must for achieving a balanced and radiant complexion.

Forlle'd Sculpting Biomimetic Peptides Facial (90 min)

Sculpt & Lift: Our 90-minute Forlle'd Sculpting Biomimetic Peptides Facial is designed to redefine your facial contours. It's a potent solution for lifting and tightening the skin while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Benefits:
Contour Refinement: Offers a noticeable lift and sculpting effect for a more defined facial structure.

Age-Defying: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a smoother, youthful look.

Deep Nourishment: Provides intensive hydration and stimulates cell regeneration for resilient skin.

Ideal For:

Perfect for those battling sagging skin, loss of firmness, and visible signs of aging, this facial is a key to unlocking firmer, more sculpted skin.

Posing with Face Cream
Young Model

Hi-Tech Bespoke Advanced Facial

Pinnacle of Skincare Innovation: The Hi-Tech Bespoke Advanced Facial blends advanced technologies like the Byonik Cold Laser and Indiba Radio Frequency with Forlle’d's premium products for a superior skincare experience.

Key Benefits:
Enhanced Skin Appearance: Visibly improves skin texture and tone.

Muscle Revitalization: Revitalizes facial muscles, increasing blood circulation.

Lymphatic Improvement: Aids in better lymphatic drainage, enhancing skin health.

Ideal For:

Those facing premature aging, sagging, dehydration, sun damage, and discoloration.

The GA Salons Promise, At GA Salons, we are committed to providing you with unparalleled skincare experiences. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your best skin yet, using only the finest products and state-of-the-art technologies. Discover the difference with Forlle'd at GA Salons – where beauty, science, and luxury converge.

Book Your Forlle'd Experience Today

Ready to embark on a journey to flawless skin? Contact us to schedule your Forlle'd facial or to learn more about our bespoke skincare solutions.

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