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Empowering Future Hair Stylists: Gennaro Dell’Aquila’s GA Team Shaping the Hair and Beauty Industry


Empowering Future Hair Stylists: Gennaro Dell’Aquila’s GA Team Shaping the Hair and Beauty Industry

In the highly competitive hair and beauty industry, one brand consistently makes its mark - GA Team. Led by Gennaro Dell’Aquila, GA Team has become a beacon of excellence, underlining the importance of nurturing raw talent into skilled stylists. Today, we dive into the challenges and triumphs of this process, and how it contributes to shaping the future of the hair and beauty sector.


Gennaro Dell’Aquila is known for his discerning eye for talent, but his requirements extend beyond mere proficiency in hair cutting and colouring. He seeks passionate, dedicated individuals eager to learn and evolve – qualities that define a true hair and beauty professional.

Identifying the right talent in the hair and beauty industry is much like finding a diamond in the rough. The real work begins once the diamond is found. It’s then that the process of shaping, refining, and polishing starts. Rigorous training, learning the art and science of haircare, mastering various hairstyles, and developing client relationship skills, all play a role in this transformation.


At GA, Gennaro Dell’Aquila imparts more than just technical skills. He instils a mindset where hairdressing is seen as an art form, and every hairdresser is an artist. The focus is on cultivating an environment that promotes creativity, individuality, and teamwork, thereby setting a higher standard for the hair and beauty industry.

The GA journey, from spotting potential to watching an apprentice bloom into a professional stylist, is one filled with challenges and victories. It’s this cycle of talent identification, nurturing, and empowerment that keeps GA Team at the forefront of the hair and beauty industry.


Transforming an apprentice into a stylist is a process that demands patience and effort. But every step brings the reward of progress and breakthroughs, reflecting the team’s shared commitment and resilience. It’s in these challenges, as Gennaro often says, that we find our greatest triumphs.

As the GA Team continues to pioneer new trends in the hair and beauty industry, the quest for fresh talent never ends. The commitment to shape the hairdressers of tomorrow is unwavering, ensuring the GA legacy continues to influence the industry’s future.


Join us on our journey as we raise the bar in the hair and beauty industry, celebrate every milestone, and anticipate many more transformations to come. Here’s to the future of GA Team, and the countless more triumphs in the world of hair and beauty.

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