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GA Beauty Review by Absolutely London

Lately we've been receiving a great interest from people about our Natural Hair Colours. We are keeping you updated with our social media, but in our wish to make more and more people understand the Philosophy of GA, we will be sharing published materials from some of the most read Magazines in London and their journalists's experience at GA.

Starting with the story of Helen Brown, who did this nice article after her visit in our salons for ABSOLUTELY London.

Absolutely heads to award-winning stylist Gennaro Dell’Aquila at GA Salon Wimbledon for a cut and natural colouring

By Helen Brown

It’s a constant conundrum: you want a gorgeously vibrant mane that glimmers in the light with burnished golds and glossy coppers, but achieving said locks often comes at the expense of texture. Colouring your hair to within an inch of its life is not the way to go for a result that is smooth and sleek. Enter, the brilliant Gennaro Dell’Aquila, an award-winning stylist with a client list comprising of the rich, famous and, occasionally, royals.

Gennaro treats the tresses of west London’s well-heeled from his Notting Hill salon, or from his original GA outpost, which was set up in 2015 in Wimbledon. Those in the know come here for natural colouring. Not content with the inevitable damage caused to hair during the chemical colouring process, Gennaro pioneered his own 100% natural, plant-based alternative that results in effortlessly luxurious, healthy hair. Gennaro begins with a wash, a heavenly head-massage and a cut. My hair is very curly and even the way he cuts it feels innovative; twisting strands round and round to form a tight coil before snipping at intervals along the length of it.

Next comes the colour, a clever herbal infusion which Gennaro mixes with hot water to form a substance that looks not unlike a traditional dye, but without the acrid smell of ammonia. The recipe is bespoke for each client, mine is a blend of chamomile, rhubarb, cassia and henna for a rich chocolate brown. This is applied to the roots as is, but then Gennaro adds a pot of yogurt – yes, really – and works from midway to tips. This added dose of protein helps mend damaged ends. This is left to work its magic under a heat lamp for 20 minutes and then its back over to the sink for a rinse.  I leave feeling rather fabulous with my new look and smug in the knowledge that I’ve managed to achieve it without compromising the health of my hair.

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