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  • SHATUSH level 2

    For Level 2, our Shatush course delves deeper into the nuanced techniques that elevate a hairstylist's craft from basic to advanced. This intermediate level is tailored for those who have grasped the essentials of shatush and are ready to expand their skills. The curriculum emphasizes innovative blending techniques, advanced sectioning methods, and the art of customizing color to complement individual skin tones and hair textures. Students will engage in intensive practice sessions, honing their ability to create seamless transitions and more dramatic, yet still natural-looking, effects. Additionally, this course introduces more complex uses of Redken Shades EQ to achieve a broader spectrum of tones and effects, enabling stylists to cater to a wider clientele with varied desires and expectations. Graduates of Level 2 will emerge with a richer understanding and skill set, prepared to tackle more challenging shatush projects with confidence and creativity.


    Shatush, often celebrated for its subtle, sun-kissed effect on hair, is an art that demands both skill and creativity. Our Level 1 Shatush course is meticulously designed for beginners eager to master the foundational techniques of this elegant highlighting method. Through hands-on training, participants will learn the delicate art of creating natural-looking, graduated highlights that mimic the gentle kiss of the sun. The course also delves into the critical aspect of color theory, ensuring students understand how to achieve perfect blends and transitions. A significant focus is placed on using Redken Shades EQ, a versatile demi-permanent hair color, for achieving flawless tonalisation. This ensures not only the enhancement of the shatush effect but also guarantees hair health and shine. By the end of this course, attendees will be equipped with the essential skills to perform basic shatush techniques, setting the foundation for more advanced studies in this beautiful hair coloring art.


    Building on the solid foundation laid in Level 1, our Level 2 course delves deeper into advanced hair cutting and styling techniques. This course is designed to expand the stylist's repertoire with more complex cuts and styling methods, fostering creativity and precision. Students will explore advanced GA techniques and refine their skills in point cutting, slide cutting, and razor cutting, enabling them to tailor each cut to the individual's hair type and desired look. This level places a greater emphasis on the artistic interpretation of drying styles, encouraging students to experiment and innovate.

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  • Keeping Your Hair Healthy at the Beach: A Complete Guide

    Seaside Haircare: Protect and Nourish Your Hair at the Beach"? This title implies the focus on both protection and nourishment, which are key aspects of maintaining healthy hair at the beach A day at the beach can be the perfect escape, but it can also be tough on your hair. The combination of saltwater, sunlight, and wind can lead to damage, leaving your hair dry, tangled, and brittle. However, with the right practices and products, you can protect your hair and keep it healthy, shiny, and manageable, even at the beach. This guide is here to provide you with practical tips to maintain your hair's health during your beach adventures. Understanding the Effects of Beach Elements on Hair To start, it's crucial to understand how the beach environment impacts your hair. Saltwater dehydrates your hair by removing its natural oils, which causes it to become dry and brittle. The sun's UV rays can also damage your hair, leading to color fading and cuticle damage. Lastly, the wind can contribute to tangles and knots. Thankfully, there are ways to counteract these effects and keep your hair looking its best. Pre-Beach Prep One of the best ways to protect your hair is to prepare it before hitting the beach. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a hair mask that is rich in proteins and nutrients. These products will form a protective barrier that can help lock in moisture and protect against salt and sun damage. A hydrating coconut oil or argan oil treatment can also be an excellent choice. "Gennaro Dell’Aquila, founder of the GA hair and beauty brand, has always emphasized the importance of protecting hair from environmental damage. He often says, ‘Our hair is a reflection of our overall health and well-being. Taking care of your hair isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a vital part of self-care. So, even when you’re having fun at the beach, remember that your hair needs protection and nourishment just as much as your skin does. Use sun protection Just as you would use sunscreen to protect your skin, your hair needs protection from the harmful UV rays. Invest in a good quality hair sunscreen or a hair product with UV protection. These products will shield your hair from the sun, preventing dryness and color fading. Cover up Another excellent way to protect your hair from the sun, wind, and saltwater is to cover it up. Use a hat, bandana, or a scarf to shield your hair. This will not only protect your hair but will also reduce the risk of sunburn on your scalp. Avoid Heat Styling Heat styling tools like flat irons and curling wands can further damage your hair after it’s been exposed to harsh beach elements. Instead, let your hair air-dry and embrace your natural texture. You can also try heatless beach wave methods or simple updos to style your hair without damaging it. Rinse After Swimming It’s essential to rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as you’re done swimming. This will wash away the salt, which can dehydrate your hair. If you can, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner immediately after your beach day to replenish any lost hydration. Hydrate and Nourish Just as you need to drink water to keep your body hydrated, your hair needs hydration too. Regularly use deep conditioning treatments to replenish moisture and keep your hair healthy and shiny. Eating a balanced diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins will also help keep your hair nourished from the inside out. Our summer hair picks:

  • Cuticole e l'importanza di una colorazione acida

    Le cuticole dei capelli sono la più esterna delle strutture del capello e svolgono un ruolo fondamentale nella salute e nell'aspetto dei nostri capelli. Queste scaglie, composte da una proteina chiamata cheratina, proteggono la struttura interna del capello, nota come corteccia, dai danni. Quando i nostri capelli sono sani, le cuticole sono distese, creando una superficie liscia che riflette la luce e dà ai nostri capelli un aspetto lucido. Tuttavia, quando le cuticole sono danneggiate o sollevate, i capelli possono apparire opachi, crespi e soggetti a rottura. Una delle cause più comuni di cuticole danneggiate è l'uso di colorazioni per capelli troppo aggressive. Molte colorazioni, soprattutto quelle basiche (alcaline), possono sollevare le cuticole e causare danni ai capelli. Ecco perché è importante utilizzare colorazioni acide, che aiutano a mantenere il pH equilibrato dei capelli e a tenere le cuticole in posizione naturale e distesa. Le colorazioni acide non sono solo migliori per la salute dei nostri capelli, ma offrono anche risultati di colore più vivaci e duraturi. Ciò è dovuto al fatto che le colorazioni acide penetrano in modo più efficace nella fibra del capello, creando un colore più profondo e omogeneo. Quando si sceglie una colorazione per capelli, è importante cercare prodotti specificamente progettati per essere acidi, come quelli che contengono ingredienti come aceto, acido citrico o acido cloridrico. Questi ingredienti aiutano a abbassare il pH della colorazione, rendendolo più compatibile con il pH naturale dei capelli. Oltre all'uso di colorazioni acide, ci sono altri modi per proteggere e mantenere la salute delle cuticole. Utilizzare regolarmente un trattamento di condizionamento profondo, evitare gli strumenti per lo styling con il calore e utilizzare un pettine a denti larghi possono aiutare a mantenere le cuticole in buone condizioni. Let us know your thoughts!

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  • GA Salons | Chelsea | Best Hair & Beauty Salon

    CHELSEA GA Chelsea , just a step away from the lively King's Road, GA Chelsea Salon offers more than just hair and nail services; it's an immersive Italian experience. Imagine stepping into a scene straight out of Italy: lively chatter, enchanting music, and the luxurious allure of gold Art Deco interiors. Our salon is a celebration of Italian vivacity and style, right in the heart of Chelsea. Incontrare la squadra Our team of exceptional hairdressers, makeup artists, and nail specialists will not only warmly welcome you but also ensure your visit is unforgettable. Enjoy a cup of rich Italian espresso and let the rhythm of great music enhance your experience as our skilled professionals work their magic. Renowned for their expertise and friendly service, our team promises not only to meet but exceed your expectations, making it impossible not to return for another taste of our unique blend of beauty, comfort, and Italian charm.Located conveniently on King's Road, our salon is a local Chelsea gem, easy to reach and hard to leave. Gennaro Dell'Aquila OWNER & ART DIRECTOR Award-winning hairstylist Gennaro Dell’Aquila began his distinctive journey in Napoli, Italy at the young age of 16. After refining his skills at a premier hair academy in the fashion capital Milan, he made a significant impact in London, primarily in the high-end salon settings of Chelsea and South Kensington. At these luxury salons, Gennaro served a distinguished clientele including members of the royal family, A-list celebrities, and high-profile individuals. However, his passion for hair health led him to pioneer a line of 100% natural, plant-based hair care products, ensuring a perfect balance of luxury and comprehensive hair health. Gennaro debuted his innovative vision with his own salon in Wimbledon in 2015, followed by successful establishments in Notting Hill, Chelsea, South Kensington, and Sardinia’s idyllic Costa Smeralda. Expansion plans are underway with exciting new locations across Europe and the Middle East. Book With Gennaro Rosanna Xhafa ART DIRECTOR I am Rosanna, a Creative Director with a wealth of experience in the beauty industry. With over 15 years of experience under my belt, I have honed my skills in cutting and coloring, and my styles have even been featured in some of the most well-known fashion magazines in Italy and Spain, including Elle and Bazaar. My journey in the industry began in Italy, where I first developed a passion for all things hair and beauty. However, I soon realized that I wanted to expand my horizons and challenge myself further, which is why I decided to move to London and join one of the most prestigious Italian brands. For six years, I worked tirelessly to perfect my craft and learn from some of the best in the business. Now, as a Creative Director, my main focus is on preserving the natural beauty and health of my clients' hair, whether I am creating a bold and edgy look or a more subtle and understated style. Book With Rosanna Emanuele Pilato CREATIVE STYLIST As a stylist with a passion for color and a talent for creating personalized, stylish cuts, I have built a successful career in the beauty industry. I started my journey in a small family salon in Calabria, and later studied at a hairdressing academy in my native Italy. In 2016, I faced the challenge of moving to London and working for one of the most prestigious salons in the city. This experience helped me to hone my skills and become an excellent hairstylist. Seeking new experiences and opportunities, I decided to join the GA Team. Not only do I take pride in the styles I create, but I also pride myself on my friendly and genuine personality. My clients appreciate not only the transformation I give their hair, but also the enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere I create. It is my goal to make each visit not only a pampering and indulgent experience, but also a chance to build a meaningful connection with my clients. Book With Manu Angelo Breglia CREATIVE STYLIST As a proud native of Naples, Italy, I have always been inspired by the rich history of beauty and fashion in my hometown. With 15 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, I have honed my skills and honed my passion for creating truly stunning and unique hairstyles for my clients. From the moment I picked up my first pair of scissors, I knew that hairdressing was my true calling. I was fascinated by the way that hair could be transformed from something simple into a work of art. I began my journey in Naples, working in top salons and learning from some of the best stylists in the industry. In my quest to constantly improve my skills and stay on the cutting edge of the latest trends, I eventually decided to take my talents to the next level by moving to London. I worked for some of the top salons in the city, honing my skills and perfecting my craft. My styles have been featured in leading fashion magazines, and I have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Now, as a proud member of the GA Team, I am excited to bring my passion and expertise to a new generation of clients. I believe in creating a personalized experience for each and every one of my clients, and I am committed to ensuring that they leave my chair feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. Whether you are looking for a bold and daring new look, or just a simple and classic cut, I am here to help you find the perfect style to match your unique personality and beauty. Book With Angelo Vincenzo Moncada SENIOR STYLIST I've had a love affair with hair ever since I was a young boy growing up in Sicily. The art of styling, the way a cut can completely transform someone's look and bring out their best features, always fascinated me. I started my career in the industry more than 9 years ago and quickly found a passion for making my clients look and feel their best. My journey in hair has taken me from my hometown in Sicily to the bustling streets of London, where I joined the talented team at GA in 2017. Every day, I bring my wealth of experience and my unique perspective to my clients. I understand that every head of hair is different and every client has their own needs and wants. That's why I always take the time to get to know my clients, to understand their hair type and their lifestyle, and to make sure that the look I create for them is tailored specifically to them. I'm particularly skilled in creating looks that are both stylish and practical, so that my clients can easily recreate their look at home. Book with Vincenzo Michael Florio SENIOR STYLIST Michael is a proud senior stylist hailing from the picturesque region of Sicily. It was there that his journey and passion for hairdressing began, where he honed his skills in the art of coloring, cutting, and therapeutic scalp massage. Throughout his journey, he was captivated by the artistry, particularly the intricate craft of cutting and caring for beards. His journey led him to Milan, where he seized the opportunity to delve deeper into this passion. During his time in Milan, he seized numerous opportunities to participate in fashion shoots with renowned publications such as Vogue Italy, Harper's Bazaar, and Solis Magazine. More recently, he featured with Vogue in the UK, further expanding his portfolio and experiences in the fashion industry. He was honored to join GA, where he expanded his knowledge in the philosophy of organic hair coloring and natural styling techniques. It's his great passion to ensure his clients experience the transformative effects of natural coloring, allowing them to feel truly empowered by their hair. He deeply values the relationships he builds with his clients. He believes in the importance of genuine connections and open communication, ensuring that each client feels heard, understood, and valued. By fostering a bond of trust and understanding, he aims to create an environment where clients feel comfortable expressing their desires and preferences, ultimately resulting in a tailored experience that exceeds their expectations. Building meaningful relationships with his clients is not only integral to his work but also a source of great joy and fulfillment in his career. Book With Michael Ari Stoja HEAD STYLIST Ari Stoja is a promising hairstylist hailing from Albania. She recently joined the team at Gennaro Dell'Aquila as a junior stylist, where she has already shown great potential with her passion and drive in the industry. With her strong foundation of skills and expertise, Ari is eager to continue learning and growing in her career, and she is dedicated to providing the best possible service to her clients. Her positive energy and warm smile make her a pleasure to be around, both in and out of the salon I began my career in Italy, working at one of the most prestigious salons on Garda Lake and collaborating with professional models and photographers in Milan. Eventually, my desire to expand my horizons brought me to London, where I now work at GA South Kensington. I take a personalized approach with each of my clients, taking the time to understand their personalities and lifestyles in order to create looks that truly reflect their unique beauty. My expertise in both color and style allows me to craft artistic transformations on every individual who sits in my chair. It is my passion to bring out the best in each and every one of my clients. Book With Ari Ina Dilevschi NAIL TECHNICIAN I was born in the beautiful Republic of Moldova and have been passionate about nails for over 12 years. My journey in the industry began in Moscow, where I honed my skills for six years before moving to London to continue my career for another five years. Nail art is a true passion of mine, and I firmly believe that the foundation for any beautiful design lies in maintaining clean, healthy nails. Obsessed with perfection, I constantly strive to deliver the best results for my clients. My love for art and painting extends beyond nails, enriching my life and fueling my creativity. I cherish the opportunity to travel and always make time to visit my family and friends back home in Moldova, where I can reconnect with my roots and draw inspiration from the warmth and camaraderie of my loved ones. Book With Ina NAILS ANCHOR Victoria Bucsan NAIL TECHNICIAN Ciao! My name is Victoria Mihalachi, and I am originally from Moldova. I entered the nail industry in 2014, beginning my journey in Moscow, where I worked for four years. After that, I moved to the UK and continued to develop my skills in this field. My interest in the profession began as a hobby, stemming from the simple fact that I didn't trust anyone else to do my manicure. I approach my work with great pleasure, always striving to achieve beautiful, healthy results for my clients. Book With Victoria Mariana Vartanova MAKE-UP ARTIST MAKE-UP ANCHOR Book With Mariana Marianna is a professional makeup artist with more than a decade of experience in helping people look and feel their best. Her speciality lies in creating fresh, soft makeup that enhances clients features. She believes in natural makeup that embraces your unique beauty and leaves you feeling your most confident self. Nostra posizione Chelsea Visita il nostro salone di punta ​ 3 Piazza Bray Chelsea Sloane Square SW3 3LL 0330359494 GA Hair Salon Mettiti in contatto First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send

  • GA Salons | The Best Hair and Beauty Salons in London | Natural Hair Colouring

    "La natura è l'ispirazione per la nostra creazione di bellezza, una forma d'arte in continua evoluzione" "la bellezza attraverso la natura" Saloni GA London “IN AN IDEAL WORLD, WE'D GO BACK WEEKLY"

  • WORK WITH US! | GA Salons

    A once in a lifetime opportunity Join the GA family Join the GA Salons family and embark on a rewarding career where tradition meets innovation. At GA Salons, we’re dedicated to natural beauty and personal growth, offering continuous training, competitive salaries up to €10,000, and full visa support for qualified candidates. Explore a world where your craft is cherished and your creativity can flourish LONDON - ROME - SAUDI Become part of GA Salons, where the excellence of Italian craftsmanship meets the latest innovations in hair and beauty A deep commitment to the use of natural products and cutting-edge techniques, inspired by the journey and passion of our founder, Gennaro Dell’Aquila We offer you a unique opportunity to work in an environment that values the team and research as key elements for success Be part of a comprehensive training program offered by the GA Academy , designed to develop skills while respecting hair health and natural beauty Competitive salaries with potential earnings up to £12,000 , per month depending on experience and skills Exclusive benefits such as visa support and comprehensive relocation assistance, facilitating the move to London or Saudi Arabia A work environment that promotes well-being, creativity, and innovation. Fun above all "I have been working with GA Salons for five years. Here, every day is an opportunity for professional growth in an environment that values creativity and well-being. It is gratifying to see customers happy thanks to our natural products and cutting-edge techniques. GA Salons is more than a workplace; it is a community that celebrates each stylist and their art." ​ Vincenzo (senior stylist in London) YOU ARE ONE STEP AWAY FROM A LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY CLICK HERE THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST YOU ARE ONE STEP AWAY FROM A LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY CLICK HERE THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST

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