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Oxylight LED Light Facial Treatments

Why Choose Oxylight?

Innovative Technology: Harnessing the latest advancements in LED light and oxygen therapy.

Tailored Treatments: Each service is customized to meet individual skin needs.

Celebrity Endorsements: Loved by leading celebrities and supermodels.

No Downtime: Immediate results without any recovery time.

Our Services

GA Salons offre trattamenti per il viso utilizzando Forlle'd, un marchio giapponese per la cura della pelle con tecnologia vincitrice del premio Nobel e prodotti a base di acido ialuronico che possono penetrare più in profondità nella pelle rispetto all'acido ialuronico tradizionale.

Ideal For:  Enhancing youthful vibrance and skin rebalance.

Key Features: Custom exfoliation, ultrasound lymphatic drainage and serums infusion, Oxylight Ionix LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Therapy.

After Care: Customized skincare protocol available for purchase.


Result: Beautiful, glowing skin.


LED Facial Treatment Oxylight Sculpt (90min)

Ideal For:  Red carpet prep, lifted and sculpted skin.

Key Features: Microcurrent and Ultrasound for muscle toning, tailored chemical exfoliation, infusion of potent active ingredients, Oxylight Ionix LED Therapy, Oxygen Therapy.

After Care: Customized skincare protocol available for purchase.


Result: Lifted, Sculpted, and Glowing Skin.

LED Facial Treatment GA Ultimate Oxylight Glow, Lift, and Sculpt (120min)

Inspiration: GA Clinic's holistic beauty philosophy.

Ideal For:  Non-invasive esthetic facial treatment.

Key Features: Skin diagnostic, tightening, muscle toning, contouring, Oxylight Ionix LED Light Therapy, Oxygen Infusion.

After Care: Customized skincare protocol, treatment series benefits discussion.

Recommendation: Series of 6 initial weekly treatments, followed by quarterly/monthly maintenance.


Result: Balanced, toned, tightened, and luminous skin.


Why Choose Oxylight?

Youthful Radiance: Enhanced skin vibrance and luminosity.

Skin Health: Tailored treatments for optimal skin nourishment.

Contour and Tone:  Advanced techniques for facial muscle toning and skin tightening.

Customized Care:  Personalized protocols for lasting skin health.

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Experience the ultimate in skincare innovation. Contact us to schedule your Oxylight treatment and embark on your journey to radiant, healthy skin.

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