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GA Academy's curriculum features exclusive hairstyling techniques
developed in-house, blending technical skill with artistic insight.
Our approach emphasizes hands-on learning, guided by expert faculty,
to master these unique methods.
We aim to prepare students for industry trends and client demands, nurturing future innovators in beauty with a focus on excellence and creativity.

BASE ON CUT LV1, with its compact two-day duration, is structured to refine techniques and stimulate creative interpretation through four fundamental styles:
a light bob, a long layered cut, a disconnected short, and a medium cut with bangs.
This intensive training aims to consolidate the technical skills of the participants, while also providing room for creative exploration. The first day is dedicated to learning and practicing the light bob and long layered cuts, focusing on the precision of the cut and adapting to different types of hair and face shapes. The second day focuses on the disconnected short and medium with bangs, encouraging participants to experiment with textures and volumes to create personalized and distinctive styles. Through practical demonstrations and direct exercises, participants will have the opportunity to discover new techniques, refine their skills, and expand their creative repertoire, preparing them to confidently meet the most demanding customer requests. 


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