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GA Academy's curriculum features exclusive hairstyling techniques
developed in-house, blending technical skill with artistic insight.
Our approach emphasizes hands-on learning, guided by expert faculty,
to master these unique methods.
We aim to prepare students for industry trends and client demands, nurturing future innovators in beauty with a focus on excellence and creativity.


Our haircut courses are designed to accommodate everyone, from beginners just starting out in the world of hairstyling to seasoned stylists looking to expand their repertoire with creative and fashion-forward techniques.

Discover new ways to achieve beautiful results through our own designed techniques.


Course is designed to master the art of blow-drying, combining the teaching of four advanced drying techniques with a playful and creative approach.

The program is structured into two activity-filled days, during which participants will be introduced to different drying styles: perfect smoothness, maximum volume, soft waves, and textured looks.


This two-day intensive cutting courses covers four styles: light bob, long layered cut, disconnected short, and medium cut with bangs. It focuses on technique refinement, creative interpretation, and adapting to various hair and face types, with practical exercises to enhance skills and creativity for meeting diverse customer demands.


An innovative training program dedicated to the art of hairstyling, focusing on the revision of four classic styles to make them modern and current. This course is designed for industry professionals who wish to refresh their repertoire with proposals that combine the timeless elegance of traditional hairstyles with a touch of contemporaneity that meets the latest trends.


The creative courses offer a revolutionary approach to learning in the field of hairstyling, challenging hairdressers to step out of their comfort zone through a game of creativity and improvisation. In this course, participants will be challenged with random assignments, receiving a "mystery box" that will determine the folding and styling techniques to be performed.

hairdressers must rely solely on their inventiveness and technical skill to create unique and innovative styles.

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