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SHATUSH level 2

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

SHATUSH level 2

Service Description

For Level 2, our Shatush course delves deeper into the nuanced techniques that elevate a hairstylist's craft from basic to advanced. This intermediate level is tailored for those who have grasped the essentials of shatush and are ready to expand their skills. The curriculum emphasizes innovative blending techniques, advanced sectioning methods, and the art of customizing color to complement individual skin tones and hair textures. Students will engage in intensive practice sessions, honing their ability to create seamless transitions and more dramatic, yet still natural-looking, effects. Additionally, this course introduces more complex uses of Redken Shades EQ to achieve a broader spectrum of tones and effects, enabling stylists to cater to a wider clientele with varied desires and expectations. Graduates of Level 2 will emerge with a richer understanding and skill set, prepared to tackle more challenging shatush projects with confidence and creativity.

  • 2,000 British pounds
  • GA Chelsea

Contact Details

  • 3 Bray Place, London, UK


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